About LCF

Welcome to Lights Camera Fiction!

     I'm Kelsi, a book reading, movie watching, cat loving nerd in Northwest Ohio. I have 3 kitties (Basil, Teeny Tiny, and Purrbles), a boyfriend (Jeff), a slowly expanding library, and a mug collection so big I've taken up tea drinking in order to justify it. 

     On this blog you'll find everything fiction and a little bit of non-fiction too. Sci-fi, horror, thriller, and suspense are very common, but I also enjoy contemporary, fantasy, biographies, and literary fiction. Those preferences are for books, movies, and TV. I rarely reach for romance or historical fiction, but I never say never- or I try not to. I also chat about my life, hobbies, and cats. If you're into what I'm into, follow along and geek out with me!

I use a very simple 5 star rating system for reviewing.

1 Star - Hated it
2 Stars - Did not enjoy, don't recommend
3 Stars - It was okay, recommend to some people
4 Stars - It was good, recommend
5 Stars - Loved it, force onto everyone

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